VHF Push-To-Talk Radio Relay Monitoring Suite

Static locations such as traffic stops and FOB’s can be aided by an advance radio detection system which scans relevant radio frequencies and transmits enemy radio traffic back to the user in a secure location.
That is driving the development of a portable, self-sustaining, two node radio scanning system. By utilizing off the shelf consumer products we are very quickly addressing the developing needs of our clients with rapid prototypes.
Our design allows the user to set a static outpost up to a kilometer away and monitor radio traffic in that area. This gives the user an advanced warning system for enemy communication outside his immediate vicinity.

Features Benefit
Monitor enemy VHF/UHF activity beyond the first terrain feature outside of a base. Minimizes risk and increases safety; doesn’t require an operator/interpreter to be beyond the security of the base.
Early detection of enemy combatant radio communication. Improves situational awareness and force protection for targeting operations.
Low cost, unclassified nature and ease of use. Little training is required, SIGINT personnel do not need to be present, empowers Village Stability Operations (VSO) efforts.
Utilizes MIL-SPEC cables, batteries and optional solar panels that are already deployed in field use. Minimized learning curve/need to familiarize with new equipment.

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