Portable Fast Scan Counter-Surveillance Tool


Praemittias Systems’ Omaha radio scans the VHF/UHF bands in less than 3 seconds. This RF detector alerts users to any RF event in their immediate vicinity and records their GPS location at the time of the event. Post mission analysis tools allow users to analyze patterns in RF events and respond with counter-surveillance techniques.

Omaha Features:

  • Hand portable fast scanner for analog modulations.
  • Radio frequency spectrum 25-1300MHz.
  • Demodulation support for AM, FM, WFM, CW, USB, and LSB.
  • Searches user defined frequency lists or in a frequency ranges.
  • 400 steps per second with a list search and 1000 steps per second during a range search.
  • GPS with removable antenna.
  • Removable RF whip antenna.
  • Audio recording up to 8 hours.
  • Adjustable volume and sensitivity (squelch).
  • Adjustable dwell and delay times.
  • Battery powered (4 hours) or external power adaptability.
  • User display for status and programming.
  • Computer preconfiguration software.
  • Optional vehicle mounting kit.

For more information about Omaha, please contact our engineering and sales team at
Phone: 866.437.2029 or Email:

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