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WOLFHOUND is a man portable direction finding system that targets emitters in the VHF/UHF bands. Praemittias Systems is the exclusive designer and manufacturer of the WOLFHOUND system. More than 700 systems have been fielded.

Praemittias Systems has been designing, upgrading, manufacturing, deploying and training WOLFHOUND since 2007.

The WOLFHOUND system features:

  • Rugged design tailored for military, law enforcement, and border patrol applications
  • Very accurate (~3 degrees RMS error) DF targeting of adversary push to talk (PTT) radios
  • Real time audio monitoring and recording
  • Integral GPS for geolocation
  • Wireless mesh network linking multiple WH nodes
  • Ease of use allowing fast set-up and expedited training
  • Man portable @18lbs in custom designed, versatile backpack
  • Post mission data analysis capabilities via Praemittias Systems provided application software

Maintenance / Support

For more information about WOLFHOUND maintenance and support, please contact Praemittias Systems at
Phone: 866.437.2029 or Email: wolfhoundfsr@praemittias.com

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