Brian Stuckert
Managing Partner

Career soldier-turned-businessman with 30 years of experience in service to the United States. As a military unit commander, agency staff lead, and private-sector executive, a seasoned expert in planning, organizing, directing, and executing all aspects of programs, including technology, schedule, cost, contract and customer satisfaction. Leads a geographically distributed team of project managers, subcontractors, and stakeholders. As a commander in a DoD Special Mission Unit, led the training, design and execution of HUMINT, SIGINT, and Electronic Warfare operations. As the Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Project Manager for the U.S. Army Future Combat System, integrated engineering, manufacturing and military operational support. As the Program Manager for Joint Intelligence in the Afghan Security Services, managed complex, strategic projects and programs that spanned organizational boundaries.

A Certified Defense Systems Acquisition Manager. Maintains a DoD TOP SECRET security clearance with Special Background Investigation for access to Sensitive Compartmented Information.

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