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Soldiers with WOLFHOUND
Training is top-notch, done by absolute subject matter experts (SME’s) in their field, and involves the going-the-extra-mile efforts to ensure user success. Our SMEs have a full working knowledge of our products externally and internally. This allows them to not only understand how things work, but also how to troubleshoot them when they don’t. Their ability to impart anticipatory, full product knowledge to unfamiliar trainees is what allows them to drastically shorten training timelines to days or even hours. They’ve trained all types of conventional and special operations military forces as well as civilian agencies and personnel; while coordinating with a team consisting of engineers, operators, and management, all responsible for ensuring that established goals and standards are achieved.

  • CONUS and OCONUS training and support
  • New Equipment integration and evaluation
  • Technical Surveillance training and evaluation

For more information about WOLFHOUND training, please contact Praemittias Systems at
Phone: 866.437.2029 or Email: wolfhoundfsr@praemittias.com

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